Knowing how many database records have been selected for printing can be a useful addition to many reports. The Report Builder makes it very easy to print this information:


¡        Create a Report Footer band (from the main menu select BAND, then NEW, then REPORT FOOTER). An empty Report Footer band is made available inside the Report Formatter screen.
¡        Create an empty frame in the new Report Footer band in the desired location; with the new frame selected click the Dictionary button on the Frame Properties box..
¡        From the Dictionary popup tree menu select the entry for OTHERS; under this entry open up "Built In Variables", then select "Record Counter". This will insert this information into the Frame Contents:  =Record_Counter
¡        That's it! You can also manually type in the (=Record_Counter) information without having to go through the Dictionary.


 You may choose to make this information print a little fancier by adding a frame to the left of where the record counter is printed:




 As shown above two frames have been created; the first has the text string "Records Selected" inserted. The second frame contains the built in variable for the Record Counter.


To recap: on this page you learned:

¡        How to print a counter of matching database record(s) for a group of related information
¡        How to create a box effect by resizing frame borders



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