Rate Comparison Templates (RCT) may be found under the File Menu and Company Setup ... options.

Rate Comparison Template Table

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RCT are pre-built rate comparison templates that are stored in a special database library and can be easily retrieved and copied to a Customer Location master record.




The RCT Library can store hundreds of template variations. The Browse the Rate Template List window can display the Template list by the ID order or by the user defined Template Name.


USER TIP: If you intend to log or track expenses over a period of time, create your BASELINE EXPENSE TEMPLATE here so it can be used on as many Customer/Locatons as needed. Copying a Rate Comparison Template into a Customer/Location Rate Comparison Table is typically a "one-time" event.


Use the [Insert] button to add a new RCT. Use the [Change] button to edit an existing RCT.




Each item in the Rate Comparison table is either a FIXED (recurring) or Variable (based on usage) expense. Your Baseline Template should include the Current Telco, Telco Compared, whether FIXED or not, Type of Rate Group, and the Rate Name.

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