TelcoMgr™ is an active development software application created by a community of North American Telephone Company (Telco) corporate users, associations, telecommunication equipment vendors, local & long-distance carriers and other business communication professionals. We welcome your comments, and suggestions to improve TelcoMgr.

Regardless whether your business is focused on telephone networks or IP networks, TelcoMgr provides the essential tools for creating a central repository of information about your networks. For example, a wired (or wireless because the transmitter must be wired at the Carrier's node) Internet connection requires 1 to 3 pairs of wire (a circuit) from premises A to premises Z. The physical layer gets identified as a Circuit Id, and the logical layer gets a number assigned according to the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Therefore, features, lines, and services get assigned a number.

Data is modulated or modemized to traverse the physical layer of the Telecommunications Network using a wide variety of protocols like the Internet Protocol (IP) or PRI (Primary Rate Interface of ISDN). The carrier network can be equipped with a variety of elements (modems, routers, switches) to move data packets based upon a various techniques (Frame Relay, Multiprotocol Label Switching {MPLS}) and the nodes (connecting points) and end-points get assigned address codes (IP Address, MAC Address). All of this information can be easily recorded in TelcoMgr.


Many of the features that are currently included in TelcoMgr were brought about through client driven and requested customization process. This process, for the most part, is fee based. The cost of custom development may be offset through non-exclusive licensing, which means the customized features are offered to the user base as a minor or major version release. Please let us know what your Telecommunications database management requirements are and we will provide you with a scope of work and a written proposal for the customization of TelcoMgr.

Report Creation and Customization

Also, on a fee basis, we offer custom reports and/or the modification of one or more of the TelcoMgr built-in and/or standard reports. Most custom reports may be created with the TelcoMgr built-in reporting engine and formator, which we name Report Builder.  Please let us know what your Telecommunication Reporting requirements are and we will provide you a written quotation for the custom reporting.


Some of the screen-shots and text descriptions may not be completely up-to-date when compared to the most current version of TelcoMgr. We apologize for any misunderstanding, which this may cause.

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