Database Filters Tutorial

A database filter enables you to extract information from database file(s) that you want to print on the report. The ability to use filters in database programs has always been one of the strongest features of database applications (dBase, Foxpro, Access, etc). While they can be a little confusing at first, if you understand some basic concepts of how to create a database filter you will find them to extremely helpful in creating useful reports.

Filters do not change any information contained in database file(s); they don't copy information to another file either. A filter simply "hides" information that you don't want to see, which explains why they are called "Filters". No matter how many times you create or use a database filter, you are guaranteed that they will NEVER harm your database information. Hopefully this will give you the confidence to try creating filters for various purposes.

Understanding database filters is crucial to printing useful reports. Once you learn some basics of database filters you will find them extremely useful in building your reports.

Some database programs may provide a "wizard" that enables you to easily create / use / save database filters. If this is the case with this database application then please consult it's documentation on how to use this feature.

This help file breaks down database filters into smaller pieces to help you in understand what a filter is, and how to create increasingly complex filters. It is recommended that you at least glance over each topic; if you get stuck you can always reference these help topics when creating your database filter.

Filters 101 Part 1 - What is a database filter?

Filters 101 Part 2 - What are the components of a database filter?

Filters 101 Part 3 - Simple filters to get started

Filters 101 Part 4 - Stopping common filter problems before they start

Filters 101 Part 5 - Combining multiple conditions into one filter

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