Binding Post ID - How/where has the Telephone Company identified the line is connected


BTN - Bill To Number


Circuit ID - Some services have a circuit ID number instead of a working telephone number


DNIS/DID - Dialed Number Id or Direct Inward Dialed number


Edit Date - The last date the Telco Manager record was saved


Effective Date/Time - The estimated or planned date/time for post cut actions


Exchange Service -        Additional features or services that are added to a telephone number or circuit


Existing Application - The primary use of the line, feature or service


HS# - Hunt Sequence Number


LFS - Line, Feature or Service


Line Number - Telephone number


LNP - Local number portability (yes or no)


Long Distance PIC - The long distance carrier's primary interexchange code


Monthly Amount - A summary amount of the Telco charges for the current record


MTN - Main Telephone Number or pilot number of a hunt group


Order & Install Date - If orders are pending what are the appropriate dates for the order and the installation


Paths - The quantity of speech paths or the quantity of single voice communications that are possible on a given line


Point-To-Number - When one number is dialed and it is automatically redirected to another number or point-to-number


Post Cut Application - How will the existing line, service or feature be used


Post-Cut-Action - What action is planned for the current line, feature or service


Reference - General comments about a single record


Telco Order Number - A past or pending order number regarding the current record


TFN - Toll Free Number


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